Creative Palette

This is a list of the different options you can choose from when designing your media mix strategy. If you don't see something that you are looking for let us know! We are flexible and are here to help you get your job done right!


Web & Interactive Design

  • Web sites, digital branding, interactive CD's or USB keys etc.

Print Design

  • Posters, flyers, business cards,  ads for newspapers or magazines, office hand outs etc.

Outdoor Media Design

  • Billboards or banners etc.

Corporate Identity Design

  • Logo marks and brand identity etc.

Custom Event & Invitation Design

  • Invitations for guest speakers, weddings, birthdays, placement cards etc.

Packaging Design

  • Stickers, boxes, bags etc.




  • We create the design for you, you can use your own print provider or we can take care of all your printing needs for you as part of your package.

Web Hosting

  • Getting your website hosted can be a complex process, we can make things easier for you by setting up your hosting package with your provider of choice, or seamlessly blend our work into your current site.
  • Maintaining your site is just as important as setting it up. We offer web maintenance packages custom tailored to suit your needs. We also offer a range of Content Managment Systems (CMS) that can allow you to maintain, edit and keep your site up to date on your own as easily as editing a word document. (We provide training on how to use the CMS if needed)